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Agents and Web Services Interoperability Working Group (AWSI WG)

The primary objective of the proposed working group (WG), the IEEE FIPA Agent and Web Services Interoperability (AWSI) WG, is to fill the interaction gap between agents and web services. Agents should be able to locate and interact with web services seamlessly and vice versa.

Chair: Hiroki Suguri (Comtec)
Vice chairs: Ashok Mallya (N Carolina State University)
         and Dominic Greenwood (Whitestein)
(Chair email address:

NEWS: Paper submitted to AAMAS 2007:

Dominic Greenwood, Margaret Lyell, Ashok Mallya and Hiroki Suguri,
"The IEEE FIPA Approach to Integrating Software Agents and Web Services".

Abstract - In many settings Web services are now perceived as the first choice technology to provide neatly encapsulated functionality for Web-based computation. To date, many standards have been produced and adoption is accelerating across numerous application domains. This uptake has long been recognized by members of software agent community with several approaches reported that explore various means of extending the utility of Web services with the autonomous control offered by agents. This paper reports on the recent work of several members of this community to consolidate their approaches into a common specification describing how to seamlessly interconnect FIPA compliant agent systems with W3C compliant Web services. This work has been conducted within the context of the IEEE FIPA Agent and Web Service Integration working group and will be shortly published as a new FIPA specification.

- Original milestones (as approved at Budapest)
November 2005 Requirements Statement
December 2005 Approval of Plan of Work
March 2006 Alpha version of standards
May 2006 Reference implementation of Alpha version
June 2006 Beta version of standards
August 2006 Reference implementation of Beta version
September 2006 Release of standards

- Future meetings may be collocated with the following events
May 2006 Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Japan
September 2006 NetObjectDays, Germany
September 2006 Cooperative Information Agents, UK

- Current progress
AWSI WG falls behind the original schedule. Currently, we are still
collecting position papers and input to requirements statement from
the members in order to come up with a concrete plan of work. We plan
to compile the requirements statement shortly and reschedule the
whole milestones.

The following documents are available for this WG:


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