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Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation (DPDF WG)

This working group will propose a definition of method fragment to be used during a situational method engineering process, the fundamental elements it is composed of and the metamodel it is based on.
- The first step will be the identification of the most suitable process metamodel and notation: (i) for the representation of the existing design processes from which the fragments have to be extracted, and (ii) for the representation of fragments themselves. An important contribution about that might come from an OMG specification, the Software Process Engineering Metamodel 2.0 (SPEM), or from the ISO 24744 specification.
- The second step will consist in the definition of a proper template for the description of agentoriented design processes. Such a template will, obviously, refer to the selected process metamodel and suggest the adoption of good practices in documenting existing processes as well as defining new ones.
- The third step will be the definition of the Method Fragment Structure and Documentation Template.
This work will start from the results obtained by the FIPA Methodology Technical Committee (years 2003-2005).

Massimo Cossentino (National Research Council, IT)
Vincent Hilaire (Université de Technologie de Blefort-Montbéliard, FR)
Ambra Molesini (University of Bologna, IT)

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