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P2P Nomadic Agents Working Group (P2PNA WG) (closed)

The objective is to define a specification for P2P Nomadic Agents, capable of running on small or embedded devices, and to support distributed implementation of applications for consumer devices, cellular communications and robots, etc. over a pure P2P network. This specification will leverage presence and search mechanisms of underlying P2P infrastructures such as JXTA, Chord, Bluetooth, etc. In addition, this working group will propose the minimal required modifications of existing FIPA specifications to extend their reach to P2P Nomadic Agents. Potential application fields for P2P Nomadic Agents are healthcare, industry, offices, home, entertainment, transport/traffic.

Chair: Bernard Burg (Panasonic)
Vice chairs: Michael Berger (Siemens)
         and Heikki Helin (Telia Sonera)
(Chair email address:

Original Milestones stones as approved in Budapest
Sept 2005 all for Proposal (CFP), done
Dec 2005 Study of the CFP answers, finalization of workplan, draft of
the specification outline, draft of initial technical specification
elements, done
March 2006 Draft of preliminary specs, establishment of a list of open
issues, and their solutions,
June 2006 First version of the reference implementation,
Sept 2006 Publication of experimental IEEE FIPA specs,
Oct 2006 Publication of the reference implementation,
Dec 2006 Publication of standard IEEE FIPA specs,

Current Status
1- June 2006 First version of the reference implementation (internal between Siemens, Panasonic and Telia-Sonera)
2- Sept 2006 Publication of experimental IEEE FIPA specs  (we released the specs in the WG)
3- Oct 2006 Publication of the reference implementation (by the Comcast project)

Documents are available for this WG:


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