The following are notes taken during two discussion meetings of the new IEEE -FIPA launch at AAMAS, Utrecht, July 2005. Comments on this document can be emailed to

IEEE-FIPA (Pre-)Meeting at AAMAS 2005-07-27



Bernard Burg,  Panasonic,

Monique Calisti, Whitestein,

Jonathan Dale, Fujitsu U.S.,

Misty Nodine, Telcordia,

Michael Luck, Southampton University

James Odell

Lin Padgham

Peter McBurney, University of Liverpool,

Steve Willmot, UPC,

Stefan Poslad, Queen Mary, University of London,


Meeting Objectives

Do we need an agent standardisation?

May not be able to define the roadmap or the vision to justify FIPA at the start. It is a chicken and egg situation. Participation by the masses should drive FIPA not the directors ,however FIPA needs a direction. Participants need guidance and a defined scope. FIPA as a space that has flexible work process vs. having very defined work-plans with customers.

Review / reflections on FIPA

The idea of FIPA was born in the second half of December 1995. At the root of FIPA are a set of facts:

History 1995-2005 (Short version):

Reflections on 1999-2005 wok focus on processes:

Non-FIPA organisation observations

GRID – has a common framework that is more generic than FIPA and has vertical tracks that are domain oriented like vertical markets that define their own VOs & Ontologies. FIPA model differs from this model in that it tried to harmonise the vertical domains as well  - this may not be necessary. Don't need to be generic?

Web Services (WS): Some companies view it with some apprehension - WS acts as a direct tunnel to database, companies may not want this. Some things missing / not complete such as contracts and commitments – firmly grounded in a WS are a syntactical framework –they will walk away from anything that is a semantic framework.

OASIS is chaotic - can produce inconsistent specs – FIPA spent a lot of time trying to make specs. consistent – OASIS / W2C doesn't do this? Do FIPA Specs  need to be normative? - this should be determined by market-place not  the standards body.

What FIPA needs to do

Focus for FIPA / customers of the specs

Originally academic researchers / platform builders / application developers



Other: Security needed in an emerging environments, need to build trust.


Organisational interoperability suggested as new focus for FIPA.

Short-term time-plan

Start small, let things happen.


AAMAS Main Meeting 2005-07-29 Notes

~ 40 participants

Agenda for main meeting 28/07/2005

  1. A short overview of what happened to FIPA in the last year or so,

  2. Explain the new constellation (do we have new statutes???),

  3. Anticipate membership fee (can we agree on this),

  4. Announce upcoming meetings.

    Next FIPA meeting co-locate with Agentlink meeting in Budapest

    Jim (Odell) will update us on US?

    What about Japan and/or Australia/New Zealand?

  5. Anticipate key technical aspects the new FIPA IEEE will be focusing o

Question and Answer session about IEEE

Processes, Members, standards quality

FIPA Future

Next steps