Welcome to FIPA! The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents

Welcome to FIPA!

FIPA is an IEEE Computer Society standards organization that promotes agent-based technology and the interoperability of its standards with other technologies.

FIPA, the standards organization for agents and multi-agent systems was officially accepted by the IEEE as its eleventh standards committee on 8 June 2005.

FIPA was originally formed as a Swiss based organization in 1996 to produce software standards specifications for heterogeneous and interacting agents and agent based systems.  Since its foundations, FIPA has played a crucial role in the development of agents standards and has promoted a number of initiatives and events that contributed to the development and uptake of agent technology. Furthermore, many of the ideas originated and developed in FIPA are now coming into sharp focus in new generations of Web/Internet technology and related specifications.

In March 2005, the FIPA Board of Directors presented this opportunity to the entire FIPA membership, who unanimously voted to join the IEEE computer Society. Now, it is time to move standards for agents and agent-based systems into the wider context of software development.  In short, agent technology needs to work and integrate with non-agent technologies. To this end, the IEEE Computer Society has formally accepted FIPA to become part of its family of standards committees.

FIPA is currently not active; however, its collection of standards is open to all (see right-hand collumn).

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Chair: Marc-Philippe Huget
Vice Chair: Stefan Poslad

(Previous chair: James Odell)



FIPA specifications represent a collection of standards which are intended to promote the interoperation of heterogeneous agents and the services that they can represent.

The life cycle of specifications details what stages a specification can attain while it is part of the FIPA standards process. Each specification is assigned a specification identifier as it enters the FIPA specification life cycle. The specifications themselves can be found in the Repository.

The FIPA Board of Directors welcomes comments, suggestions and expressions of interest to join the IEEE FIPA Standards Committee. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the FIPA Executive Committee. FIPA Policies and Procedures document is available here

The Foundation of Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) is now the eleventh Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society.



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