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Life Cycle

The FIPA Specification Repository is a browseable archive of all available FIPA specifications at whatever stage in their life cycle. Each specification is represented by a document number and has a  formal and informal specification identifier.

An informal specification identifier is designed to be used internally in FIPA to reference a specific instance of a specification at a particular point in its life cycle. Informal specification identifiers are composed from the life cycle status of the specification and its document number. For example, XC00023 is read as “Experimental Component specification number 23.”

A formal specification identifier is designed to reference FIPA specifications from other FIPA specifications and external documents, such as conference or journal papers. A formal specification identifier is composed from the keyword ‘FIPA’ and the document number, for example, FIPA00023. A formal specification identifier does not refer to a specific instance of a specification, but is deemed to refer to the latest version according to the specification life cycle. As such, if there were PC00023 and XC00023 available for a given specification, the latest version for FIPA00023 would be XC00023 since it is further along the specification life cycle than PC00023.

FIPA specifications should be referenced in other FIPA specifications and external documents using the formal specification identifier and the formal specification name (which is given on the front page of a specification). For example, the FIPA Agent Management Specification would be referenced as:


FIPA Agent Management Specification. Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, 2000.

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