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FIPA Inform! is a regular publication of FIPA reporting on FIPA meetings, FIPA members and highlighting technical issues relevant to FIPA.  Members of the agent community and of FIPA are encouraged to contribute to Inform!

Please send any contributions or articles for the FIPA Inform! newsletter to

    Volume 5 (2004)

    • Issue 1 (June 2004) Inside this Issue: Barcelona Meeting Report; Barcelona Workshop Report; News in Brief; An Overview of FIPA; Agents and the Semantic Web Activity; Special Announcements; FIPA Member Profile: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Cominatorics and Digital Communication Group

    Volume 4 (2003)

    • Issue 2 (January 2004) Inside this Issue: London Meeting; News in Brief; FIPA Single Tier Membership Proposal; Agents for Ambient Intelligence; TC Semantics Report; FIPA Member Profiles: CAR/CNR and Rockwell
    • Issue 1 (August 2003) Inside this Issue:  Palermo Meeting Report; Palermo Workshop Report; News in Brief; Business Overview - Forrester on Software Agents in Business; FIPA makes Tracks; FIPA Member Profiles: Telcordia and University of Calgary; Special Announcements

    Volume 3 (2002)

    • Issue 4 (January 2003) Inside this Issue: FIPA Specifications voted to Standard Status; News in Brief; Pensacola Workshop Report; Pensacola Meeting Report; AUML-An Update; Member Profiles of ADETTI and Tryllian, Special Announcements
    • Issue 3 (September 2002) Inside this Issue: Helsinki Meeting Report; News in Brief; Helsinki Workshop Report; Special Announcement; FIPA in mobile ad-hoc environments; Service descriptions for next generation of smart service access; Member Profiles of Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) and Communication Technologies.
    • Issue 2 (May 2002) Inside this Issue:  Vancouver Meeting Report; News in Brief; Vancouver Workshop Report; Special Announcement; TC X2S Report; Technology Overviews: FIPA and Web Services; Member Profiles on Queen Mary University of London and Whitestein Technologies AG:
    • Issue 1 (April 2002) Inside this Issue: Report of Lausanne Meeting; Lausanne Workshop; News in Brief; FIPA for Business Application (F4BA) SIG; Ontologies; Special Announcements; Member Profiles on University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and Sonera

    Volume 2 (2001)

    • Issue 3 (December 2001) Inside this Issue: Reports of Pleasanton and  Sendai Meetings; News in Brief; Why Semantics is Important; FIPA Sendai  Workshop; FIPA Pleasanton Workshop, The Agentcities Project; Member  Profiles on Siemens and Sandia
    • Issue 2 (June, 2001) Inside this Issue: Report of 21st Meeting; FIPA Bake-off; News in Brief; FIPA Workshop report; Holonic Enterprise; P2P Computing; Fujitsu; EPFL
    • Issue 1 (April, 2001) Inside this Issue: CRUMPET; TIIERA; FIPA  Nomadic Application Support; Mobile Middleware for M-Commerce; Start Up  Corner: Emorphia

    Volume 1 (2000)

    • Issue 3 (December, 2000) Inside this Issue:; Open Source Initiatives; Zeus, LEAP, JADE, FIPA-OS; Sociological Aspects of the Internet Revolutions; Start Up Corner; Java Agent Services
    • Issue 2 (April, 2000) Inside this Issue: Editorial; Audio-visual  Entertainment and Broadcasting; AgentCities; FIPA: Agents Working  Together; FIPA-NET; TIIERA; Grasshopper 2; LEAP: Look First!; FIPA-OS  now with Added Intelligence!; UKMAS-2000-Call for Papers
    • Issue 1 (January, 2000) Inside this Issue: Editorial; FIPA and Intelligent  Agents; FIPA M-Commerce; Open Source for Open Standards; FIPA @ The  Millennium Dome; Agent-based UML (AUML); London Premiere for FIPA  Demonstrations; CoABS; FACTS Validates FIPA Standards; Spotlight: Profile  of a Revolutionary; W in @10,000


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