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A Deprecated specification is a specification that has been identified as potentially unnecessary to the FIPA standard. Such a specification may have been rendered  unnecessary due to technology changes or changes in other standards or FIPA specifications. All Deprecated specifications have an informal specification identifier that  begins with D.

A specification can be Deprecated from any normal life cycle status (Preliminary, Experimental or Standard) in preparation for a final status of Obsolete after a grace period  has elapsed; this grace period is necessary to ensure that the specification is definitely unnecessary to the FIPA standard and should indeed be obsoleted. The transition to Deprecated can only be made with the approval of the FIPA Architecture Board and the FIPA membership.

A specification can be retrieved from Deprecated status if it is decided that it should not be made obsolete. With the approval from the FIPA Architecture Board and the FIPA  membership, the Deprecated specification moves back to its original life cycle status before it was deprecated and is assigned the appropriate informal document identifier.

After the grace period has elapsed, the specification achieves Obsolete status and a new informal document identifier (beginning with O instead of D).

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