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When an Experimental specification has enough implementations and the approval of the FIPA Architecture Board and the FIPA membership, it may be advanced to the Standard status. Upon successful approval, the  specification achieves Standard status and a new informal document identifier (beginning with S instead of X).

A Standard status specification is considered to be a stable and formally published standard that has been approved and endorsed by the FIPA standards body. To achieve  Standard status, a specification must be successfully implement in more than one FIPA-compliant agent platform. All Standard specifications have an informal specification identifier that begins with S.

Specifications which have attained the status of Standard are deemed suitable for general release and implementation within FIPA-compliant agent platforms. Modifications to a Standard specification have to be approved by the FIPA Architecture Board.

There is no advancement of a specification beyond Standard, except in the case where the specification becomes unnecessary and is Deprecated.

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