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The IEEE FIPA Standards Committee has two kinds of groups that contribute to the standards process: working groups (WG) and Study Group (SG)

(None of these groups are active.)

Working Groups

Working Groups are established to carry out standardization projects within the scope of the FIPA SC. Each Working Group shall be responsible for the definitive content of one or more standards projects and for responding to views and objections thereon. A working group is expected to produce its first PAR (Project Authorization Request) within six month of charter acceptance. 

The following working groups have been formed and approved:

Study Groups

The FIPA SC may form a Study Group for up to 12 months to foster usage standards or the appropriateness of standards or standards development projects.  The SG should have a work plan which include specified deliverables.  Study Groups do not produce standards specifications.

The following study group has been formed and approved:

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